David Hembre

David Hembre

James Alexander Curwood

James Alexander Curwood

James is an audio and music professional hailing from New York. He has been in the music industry since the late 90's and started focusing more on audio production in 2007 after touring with his band for years.

James helps keep The Studio Portland running and also is the Director of Flying Sound in the old Studio "C" space.

He's been at The Studio since 2013 and can be seen working on all kinds of sessions. He is the Chief Technology Officer of the Public Radio International show Living On Earth which airs on more than 300 NPR and public radio stations worldwide.


Steve Drown

Behind the wry demeanor, Steve Drown harbors many talents. A professional engineer for over twenty years and a professional musician for nearly thirty, Steve's forte is making good musicians sound great — often in ways they don't expect. Just ask James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, Ronnie Earl, Roy Scheider, Patty Larkin, Kate Schrock or Ron Carter. They'll tell you he excels at creating an atmosphere in which artists can perform their best work. Steve's work is so consistent it makes any mastering engineer's job a lot easier.

Steve is also the curator of The Studio's vintage keyboard collection including: two Hammond organs w/ Leslies, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hohner Clavinet and access to much more.


Peter Nenortas

Pete has been an engineer at The Studio since 2004. With 10+ years of audio engineering experience in the Radio, TV, Film and Music industry he has built solid reputation as a talented and creative sound engineer.

While working at The Studio, Pete has been busy engineering local, regional & national radio and television spots to narration audio recordings for The History Channel, Animal Planet and National Public Radio. He also is well skilled at engineering many of our ADR sessions and Source Connect remote sessions.

Pete's expertise in the field also makes him a valuable asset here. When working as a location sound recordist in the TV / Film industry, he has many highlights including working for many of the major news networks including ABC News 20/20, CBS 48 Hrs, NBC Sports and for other networks such as the Travel Channel, National Geographic, RSN, Versus, ESPN, TLC, NOVA and the History Channel. He also has had the experience to work on many independent films domestically and internationally in the genres of features, shorts and documentaries.

Peter also passionately runs his own business, Satronen Sound which specializes in location audio recording for the music industry. Over the last five years the company has grown from working with local & regional bands to recording with high profile national artists including The Monterey Jazz Festival, Ani DiFranco & Andrew Bird.


Caleb Mulkerin
Duplication / Engineer

Caleb is responsible for all duplication projects here at The Studio. He provides our clients with everything from CD/DVD copies to mp3 delivery of radio spots all over the country. He also works with our CD layout and printing system to create custom labels for those who need it.

Caleb has been a musician for more than 19 years, is a founding member of the group Cerberus Shoal, which has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, he has recorded several albums here at The Studio. Through his involvement with Cerberus Shoal and his internship with The Studio, Caleb became interested in the recording process, and landed his first engineering job at “North East Indie Studio” in 1998, were he worked on several album before taking a job at “The Studio (Portland, ME)” in 2000, were he still works today.

As a composer Caleb cut his teeth at the young age of fifteen were he started playing guitar and created a band the very next day, soon he learned that writing music is what he enjoyed most. Up to this point he has composed and collaborated on hundreds of pieces with musicians from United States, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and The United Kingdom. Other works include Scoring for films, sound design for theater and art installations.


Micah Davis

Micah is a 2006 graduate from Full Sail University in Orlando, Micah recently returned to Maine and started his career as a freelance audio engineer.

At The Studio, Micah has been engineering all different types of recording sessions including voiceover sessions for National Geographic, political ads, soundtracks for documentaries, and music projects spanning all genres.

When he's not at The Studio, you can find Micah sound mixing at a number of Maine's live music venues.



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